Greetings to all my yoga friends,

I am just back from traveling in Turkey. What a fantastic area of the world. The people, food the beauty and the history. Loved it all and at the same time had an opportunity to teach yoga to a new group throughout our 2 weeks together. Really wonderful to meet so many new faces, especially at 6:15 am!

Finally, I have heard from my Goa contact. As many of you know he has building a wonderful site for yoga and health. He contacted me and offered us the fist week of November. I am very excited about the possibility.

I am thinking 10 days, 7 days practicing and eating healthy, two travel days and then a day to see the sites and organize a few cultural events during the week.

The place is very natural, with an orientation towards healthy practices, food, alternate therapies, along with an introduction to appropriate detox information and choices we can incorporate if you choose. We will develop a program that will offer all of this.

Please let me know who is interested. I will work on the dates, times, travel plans and costs in the next few weeks.

Looking forward to hearing back from you. Are you ready for a wonderful yoga retreat in India….. Lets go!

All my best to you and your families.

Namaste, Kathy